To ensure the safety of the Website and the security of Customer information, ONMEETING Service sets forth policy to protect Customer information when registering to use the Service on the Website.

FTI may amend, update or supplement this policy at any time. The contents after adjustment shall take effect immediately upon posting on the Website without prior notice to Customer. Customer is kindly requested to visit the Website and T&C regularly to keep up to date with FTI’s adjustments to this privacy policy.

1. Purpose of information collection

The collection of Customer information through the Website will help FTI to:

  • record Service registration information to provide the Service in accordance with Customer’s needs and FTI’s ability;
  • quickly update sales promotions for ONMEETING Service; and
  • support Customer when there is a complaint about the Service in the fastest way.

2. Scope of information collection

Website will collect Customer information including:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Address
  • Service Package
  • Quantity of Service Package
  • Other information (if any)

3. Scope of information use

FTI understands that privacy and security are important to Customer, for this reason, FTI commits to only use Customer information for the purpose of providing Service. At the same time, FTI commits not to disclose Customer information to any third parties, except for the following cases:

  • With the prior written consent of Customer;
  • To protect the legitimate rights and interests of FTI and its related parties. To clarify, FTI only discloses Customer information when ensuring that such information can protect the legitimate rights and interests of FTI and its related parties. Such information will be legally disclosed by FTI under the laws;
  • At the request of a competent state agency, a court order under the laws; and/or
  • In case it is necessary to provide Customer information, such as promotions sponsored by a third party. FTI will notify Customer before Customer information is disclosed. Customer has the right to decide whether or not to agree to the disclosure of Customer information as stated in this Article.

4. Information storage time

FTI will store Customer information on its internal system until (i) it stops providing Service to Customer; (ii) it fulfills the purpose of collecting Customer information; or (iii) Customer requests to destroy/delete such information.

5. Information about the unit that collects and manages Customer information

FPT International Telecom Company Limited

Address: Lot L.29B-31B-33B Tan Thuan Street, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: (84-28) 7300 2222                           Hotline: 19006973

Email: fti.support@fpt.com.vn or ftel.fti.onmeeting@fpt.com.vn 

6. Means and tools to access and edit information

Customer may access and edit Customer information by accessing to the Website or contacting FTI via email or contact address available on the Website.

7. Commitment on securing Customer information

FTI is committed to securing Customer information collected and managed by FTI. FTI commits not to exchange, buy and sell Customer information for commercial purposes. All disclosure and use of Customer information must be in compliance with FTI’s privacy policy from time to time.

  • To protect Customer information on the highest level, we truly recommend that Customer should limit the auto-signing in to account, notice to your password saving and ensure the signing out of account after using a public device. FTI is not responsible when Customer information is leaked due to Customer’s mistake in account security (whether unintentional or intentional).
  • This privacy policy applies only to the information Customer provides on Website and is collected and managed by FTI. Any information Customer provides on other website or address is not covered by this privacy policy.

8. Connection to other websites

The Website provides some links to other websites or data sources. The Customer is solely responsible for using these links. FTI assumes no obligation to evaluate or authenticate content, accuracy, viewpoint presented on such websites and data sources. FTI assumes no obligation with respect to the accuracy, presented content, safety and displaying or hiding such information on websites and data sources thereof.

9. Connection from other websites

FTI will not give permission to any Internet service providers to “place” or “dip” any parts of Website to another site or use technical measures to change the interface/ default display of Website without FTI’s prior written consent.

10. Exemption of liability

  • Information presented on Website does not include any FTI’s warranty or undertaking for the suitability of the Service chosen by Customer.
  • FTI makes no warranty that Website will be error-free, secure, uninterrupted or the accuracy, completeness and up-to-date information presented on Website.
  • By accessing to Website, Customer is deemed to have agreed that FTI, its suppliers, affiliates shall not be liable for any liability arising out of or in connection with injury, loss, lawsuit, claim for direct or indirect damages due to unpredictability or consequence of any kind, arising from (1) Use of information on Website; (2) Connectivity from Website; (3) Member registration, registration for email receipt or participation in frequent customer program held by FTI.
  • All conditions and limitations thereof are effective in accordance with applicable laws.